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“A Break-through in
Artificial Intelligence
will be worth ten Microsofts”

- Bill Gates


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Program Overview - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the construction of algorithms that learn from and respond to large datasets faster and make effective predictions
  • Today, ML & AI are the #1 skill in-demand globally, with a 3977% growth since 2015
  • The program offers professional training, allowing participants to sense how Emerging Technologies, like ML & AI, are enabling new business models, and reshaping the way the economy and businesses operate.
  • The program also offers opportunity to work on live industry projects, allowing professionals to study and gain real-world skills

Why Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence?

  • ML & AI’s potential to deliver real-time optimization across industries is just starting to evolve and is set to accelerate and offer greater opportunities over the next three years
  • The spending on ML and AI is set to urge towards $47 Billion by 2020 globally
  • Research Indicates the creation of 1.4 L to 1.9 L more Deep Learning talent positions over the next few years
  • Between 2 Million – 4 million projected demand for business translators over the next decade
  • $3 Trillion Wages will be affected as Machine Learning gains better capabilities in Natural Language Understanding

Program Highlights / Benefits to the Participants

  • Uncover new Growth Opportunities for Business and be at the forefront of Technology Innovation
  • Access and Analyse structured and unstructured data at a level that has been until now, unimaginable. Understand Business Data better and be able to generate trend and get Insights
  •  Help Businesses achieve new levels of intelligence and efficiency by designing intelligent business processes
  • Gauge Customer Internal and External Needs and Satisfaction
  • Diagnose and resolve Business Issues at faster pace

Program Structure & Details

Why Enrol for this Program?

  • The program covers extensively used ML & AI applications and technologies including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Neural Network and TensorFlow.
  • The sessions are conducted in classroom by the industrial professional on weekends to get a learning environment that causes minimal disruptions to your work schedule.
  • Throughout the program, the candidates would be exposed to various hands-on mini projects based on real-life problem statements under the guidance of mentor.
  • The candidates will also be trained to use GitHub and showcase all their projects on it, which can act as their portfolio.

Course: Foundation
Duration: 4 weeks

  • Program Orientation
  • Revisiting Mathematics and Statistics
  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Introduction to Python Programming

Course: Foundation
Duration: 4 weeks

  • Program Orientation
  • Revisiting Mathematics and Statistics
  • Introduction to R Programming
  • Introduction to Python Programming

Course: Machine Learning
Duration: 6 weeks

  • Machine Learning – Supervised Learning : Regression, Classification Algorithms
  • Machine Learning – Unsupervised Learning : Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction, Association Rules Mining

Course: Advanced Machine Learning
Duration: 2 weeks

  • Model Evaluation and Selection
  • Ensemble Methods

Course: Artificial Intelligence
Duration: 4 weeks

  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing

Live Project
Duration: 4 weeks

  • Image Recognition using Deep Learning
  • Face Detection using Deep Learning
  • Different Projects on Natural Language Processing
  • Customer Segmentation using Clustering
  • RFM Analysis
  • Market Basket Analysis using Association Rules

Learning Approach

  • The Program features 16 weekends of classroom learning and lab work designed to instil rigour, knowledge and real-world understanding of ML & AI
  • This is followed by a 4-week exposure on Industry Live Projects that helps translate the gained knowledge in the first part of the program into actual real-world execution

Key Program Deliverables

  • StrataHive will award “Certificate of Completion” to participants at the end of the program
  • 160 hours of face-to-face Classroom Sessions
  • Study Material – Presentations, References
  • Activities and Practices on Datasets

About your trainer

Mehul Ved is a Data Science & Machine Learning Expert.
He has 17+ years of experience in successfully implementing BI-Analytics and Enterprise Applications for reputed clients.
Mehul consults on Data Science, Machine Learning, Visual analytics, KPI Management, Dashboard development, Product Development and Corporate Training.
He is a Functional Expert in Industrial Products, FMCG/CPG, Digital Marketing & Retail Domains.
In his past work experience, Mehul has been associated with organizations such as Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, Bristlecone.
He has a strong passion for teaching & associated with various corporates for training on topics in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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