About Chatbots

A Chatbot is a Computer Program one can talk to, through messaging apps, chat windows or by voice. The chatbot replies using the same applications, creating a back-and-forth conversation

Today a chatbot can carry out many functions of a mobile app or website, all within a messaging conversation, and without Customer needing to download new apps

AI Chatbots have incorporated more sophisticated techniques to better understand user questions and provide more relevant and useful responses

Two Key Developments that have increased interests in Chatbots

Messaging Technology has spread rapidly over the past few years to become one of the most used smart phone services.
Messaging Technology for Chatbots
Artificial Intelligence, in particular Natural Language Processing – a sub-domain of AI has made significant steps in the past years. Publicly available Datasets, Algorithms & Computing Resources have had their respective contribution.

The Three “Get-it-Right” Components of a Chatbot to enhance the Customer Experience

The UX


A Well-Designed Interface between the Human User and the Chatbot, through a Messaging App or a Chat Session on a Website

The AI


AI-based Techniques to allow a natural sounding conversation, understanding of intents & contexts, learning from each interaction with the User

The Integration


Seamless Integration with various back-end systems and multiple data sources, enabling completion of transactions and resolution of User Queries

Where to leverage Chatbots?

Chatbots are more effective, where the User Requests are in a Specific Area, Solutions are well-known and predictable, such as trouble-shooting or user education where scripted answers can be developed.

A Chatbot offers a few advantages beyond convenience to IVR or tapping in an app, particularly effective in scenarios involving User Requests with Multiple Parameters.

Chatbots are effective, where the responses are often similar. A High Volume of Requests creates a Business Case to automate the response and free up the Human Agents to deal with Complex Issues.

It is advisable to avoid Chatbots, where Users are more likely to be stressed, such as making a complaint. Trained Human Agents are likely to deal with the situation better.

Here's, Why? Your Business needs a Chatbot

Setting the Path to your Chatbot Journey

Enhancing the Customer Experience

With Chatbots, What to realistically expect?

With Good Design and Implementation, approximately 80% Chat Sessions get resolved by a Chatbot, which would have been otherwise handled by a Human Agent in a Chat Session or a Call.


  • Cost Reduction
  • Reduced Response Times
  • Increased Customer Convenience
  • Increased First Time Resolution
With Chatbots, What to realistically expect?

In Summary

One of the most prominent of Applications in this area of interest is a Chat Bot for Customer Service Function.

Here’s Why? Businesses Need Chat Bots:

  • Scale-up Operations
  • Handling a High Volume of User Requests
  • Interactive Marketing Platform
  • Drive up Operational Efficiency
  • A few considerations while Deploying Chat Bots into Customer Service Applications:
    User Requests are in a specific area, Solutions are well-known and Predictable
  • User Requests involving Multiple Parameters
  • Select Messaging Technologies having Standard Set of API’s
  • Recommended Architecture, contact StrataHive Team

StrataHive has developed a Cost-effective LTE version of the Customer Service BOT, which can be quickly deployed or embedded in any Website. The Solution is developed on Open Source Technologies, has high ROI and is suitable across Industries.

Do reach out to Team  StrataHive, for a Solution Demo or for any queries.

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