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About Stratahive

We provide niche Consulting & Training Services in the growing arena of Artificial Intelligence (AI) , Machine Learning (ML) & Advanced Analytics. We are headquartered in Mumbai, India.

We are founded on the belief that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are Transformative Technologies that will create the next quantum gain for Businesses.

At StrataHive, we help clients find and capture hidden value from data through a unique blend of Business Acumen, Process Innovations and State-of-the-Art Tools &  Technologies.

It is our passion to deliver Innovation as a solution to achieve your Business Goals.


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE & MACHINE LEARNING SOLUTIONS : Custom AI in Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing using State-of-the-Art Tools & Technologies

ADVANCED ANLYTICS SOLUTIONS : KPI Design, Dashboard Design – Enterprise Grade, Fully Managed Intelligent Data Systems


CORPORATE TRAINING : Customized Training in AI and Machine Learning to build and strengthen your Business. Up-skill your existing Workforce

INDIVIDUALS – PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE TRAINING PROGRAMS : Acquire Specialized Skills in AI and Machine Learning. Ideal for the working professional, to develop skills that will help to ACCELERATE YOUR CAREER

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