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AI Innovation

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is the science and technology of machines that see. Computer Vision is concerned with the theory and technology for building artificial systems that obtain information from images or multi-dimensional data.

We have ready-to-deploy Computer Vision Models in areas of Object Detection, Face Detection, Brand Logo Detection, Display Execution, Shelf Execution, Shelf Inspection, Shelf Insights, Reading Text through Character Recognition. The models developed are at a world class accuracy levels.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an integral sub-domain of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning is the science, art, and technology of learning patterns in data. Machine Learning usually has two aims:

• One, Prediction of Future Events and Forecasting of outcomes

• And secondly, the Inference and Understanding of Data Structures that leads to better design

Machine Learning opens your business to a wide variety of new opportunities. Machine Learning is spreading across all industries and sectors:

• Financial, Fintech, Banks, Payment Processors

• Manufacturing, Shop Floor Robots, Materials Handling

• Retail, Customer Response, Recommenders, Forecasting

• Medical and Healthcare, Drug Discovery, Diagnostics, Hospitals

• Hospitality, Customer Relations, Customer Preferences

• Government, Elections, Polls, Services

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a sub-domain of Artificial Intelligence that is focused on enabling computers to understand and process human languages, to get computers closer to a human-level understanding of language. Our NLP models go beyond the traditional topic and sentiment analysis and give you the ability to build custom chat-bots, fraud detection agents, auto response systems and other powerful natural language processing systems at unprecedented accuracy levels.

Image and Video Analytics

Our Video Analytics models have the power to understand what is happening in videos. Our custom models can identify and tag different entities in a video at unprecedented speed and scale. At the core of the Solution is an advanced object tracking model that continually tracks moving and stationary targets. The Models are highly effective in a wide range of surveillance situations involving people, vehicles and other objects. Easy to set up, Video Analytics automatically adjust to site conditions, making it ideal for both experienced and untrained personnel to use. The models can tag granular features in your video content to help you create better content, promote brands and index content for better search, recommendation and discovery.

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